Realize the aircraft's full value

NovaJet appraisals are an impartial aircraft value opinion, prepared by internal experts who have firsthand knowledge of the dynamic factors which make up the current behavior of the international used aircraft markets.  It is an opinion of value based upon years of technical expertise that is substantiated and justified through inspections and leading industry publications.

NovaJet can support you with two types of Aircraft Appraisals:

Types of Aircraft Appraisals:

Desk Top Appraisal:  A desktop appraisal does not include any on-site maintenance inspections or review of the aircraft maintenance logs or records.  The valuation considers and makes account adjustments for the maintenance and modification status based on the information provided by the client, aircraft operator or listing agent.  An overall market analysis is provided for the specific aircraft type as part of this process.

Full Appraisal:  A full appraisal is one that does include an inspection of the aircraft and its maintenance logs and records.  A cursory onsite visual inspection is completed which determines the overall condition of the aircraft and records to support the value opinion.  It does not include opening any inspection panels on the aircraft to validate component condition as done in a pre-purchase inspection.  A full appraisal will provide a value that includes adjustments to account for the actual maintenance and modification status of the aircraft, and other adjustments to reflect the findings during the visual inspection of the aircraft and technical records.  

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