5 Myths About Private Charter Flights You Probably Believe

Posted by on 21/08/2014


The world of corporate executive air travel can seem beyond the reach of even successful individuals but when it comes to private charter flights, all isn’t what it seems. No longer the preserve of royalty or billionaires, chartering a private jet has become increasingly widespread. Here are five myths about private charter flights you probably believe.

Myth #1. Chartered Jet Flights Require Extensive Commitments

For roughly the same price as a first class or business class ticket on a commercial jet, individuals can book seats on private jets with the likes of JetSuite. With the added bonus of having your pet fly free and not having to remove your shoes at security, you can book a one-off flight by simply searching for available seats on chartered private jets. Although this approach lacks to convenience of being able to choose the precise time you fly, it does mean that the days of making extensive financial commitments to fly privately are over.

Myth #2. Chartering Flights Tie You Into One Aircraft

The traditional chartering model saw customer book a certain number of flight hours with one particular aircraft, essentially becoming part owners. This was a popular solution for businesses wanting corporate air travel with fixed, predicable costs. However, many chartered flight companies have started to offer block-chartering flights. These schemes have no management or maintenance fees and enable customers to choose from a range of jets instead of being tied to just one. This is a highly flexible way for companies with diverse needs to get into corporate air travel.

Myth #3. Chartered Jets Are Only Available Through Fractional Ownership Schemes

Fractional ownership of one jet will always be attractive to corporate clients with fixed, predictable needs who know long in advance where their employees will need to fly to. Fractional ownership has several drawbacks and pitfalls, not least of which is being tied to one aircraft. The need for flexibility has given rise to block chartering.

Myth #4. Most Chartered Jets Are Corporately Owned

In fact, many individuals and businesses own their jets outright and choose to lease them through an aircraft management company. This is a productive way of generating income from their asset when not in use. The income derived in this way can offset costs associated with maintenance and servicing.

Myth #5. Chartering Services Have High Membership Fees

By far the majority of corporate jets are managed by chartering companies. Even privately held jets are often managed through aircraft management programs. Owners are attracted to these programs due to the generous savings they can expect on fuel, insurance and maintenance costs. It is a myth that private charter flights are only available though programs with high membership fees. Jet owners can reduce their expenses significantly through leasing and companies running management programs offer their members discounted fuel, insurance, maintenance and even reduced crew costs. Chartered flights are often available without the addition of membership fees.


These five myths about corporate air travel hide the truth about chartering private jets. With the right approach, private air travel can be surprisingly flexible and affordable.