8 Advantages Of Chartering A Private Jet You Probably Didn't Know About!

Posted by on 22/07/2015

Should you charter a private jet or travel by a commercial airline? If you need to travel regularly across continents, countries or even short trips within a country by air, this is a question that might have crossed your mind once or twice. Most people around the world use commercial airlines for a wide array of reasons, be it financial or personal.

Regardless, this makes the commercial airlines a more popular choice since it is more widely used, but how much do you really know about private jets? They might not be as expensive as you might think. Next time you need to travel, don’t just go for the commercial airlines because they are the popular choice, and do your homework. Look up different private jet companies. They come with a range of advantages over commercial flights that might benefit you such as:

Time efficiency

With no unnecessary stops between flight destinations, you get to save on valuable time and reduce fatigue as you travel across different flight destinations. This is especially true since most of the time, chartering a private jet tends to eliminate connection flights when travelling long distances. It also eliminates the whole process of getting screened and cleared in airports when boarding. This means fewer hassles. You get to enjoy the perks of not having to stay in long queues and thus end up saving a lot of time during flight.

Booking a private jet gives you the freedom to choose the exact time you want to travel. This means that the flight will fit right into your time schedule, meaning a more efficient use of your time.

Receive the flight crew’s full attention

In a private jet, the entire jet is reserved just for you. The attendance crew is at your full disposal as opposed to a commercial airline where you share all this with the rest of the passengers. This means that you get their undivided attention. This, coupled with superior comfort is probably what sets it apart the most from a commercial flight. You get to define what you want your travel experience to be like.

No extra costs

Without long flight layovers and unnecessary stops, clients get to save money on miscellaneous expenses during the trip such as food and beverage expenses on budget airlines. The overall cost of chartering a jet usually covers all travel expenses from the minute you board to the arrival of your destination. It makes it possible for you to save some money and still get a good experience.


With the private jet allocated to only those that chartered it, the element of privacy is quite high. You have the ability to discuss both business and private conversations without the fear of being overheard or spilling any private information to any unwanted parties. The setting is also convenient for those looking to conduct a business meeting in mid flight.


Travelling by private jet is very similar to having a chauffeur drive you to a destination in a luxurious car. It takes a lot of stress off your shoulders to know that there is a dedicated crew of both the pilot and the flight attendant work to ensure you have a pleasant journey. Knowing that you are being handled by a competent crew allows room for relaxation so that you can enjoy your journey.

Highly trained staff

Private planes come equipped with the best among the best in terms of the flight crew. From gourmet chefs to the concierges to flight attendance that make you feel like the plane is your kingdom, it is quite safe to say that this experience cannot be rivaled by any other.

Luxury choices and options

The flight experience is determined by the passengers rather than the airline staff. This leaves the passengers spoiled for choice from music to food to movies they watch. The passenger thus decides how he wants the flight to be rather than setting and having to be content with what the airline has to offer. The choice of food is also not restricted to just a few items on the menu, something that bothers most passengers flying commercial.

Great availability of flights

With private flights available any day anytime within a short notice period, it is quite convenient to the clients. Emergencies can thus be tackled in time and solved before they turn into catastrophes. The notion that the client can get to travel whenever they need to usually put them at ease as they are sure their needs will be met with upon arising and this boosts their confidence in the airline.

So now that you know a little more about private jets, why don’t you consider booking one the next time you consider flying? Do you need private air charter services? Get in touch with us. We are certain that you will experience a hassle free way to travel!