Make Valentine's Day More Special By Booking A Private Jet To These Amazing Destinations!

Posted by on 19/01/2015

In case you’re looking to surprise your better half with the ultimate romantic gesture on Valentine’s Day, then you can’t go wrong with renting a private air charter. Not only does a private jet allow you to enjoy all the seclusion you need, but if you’re truly looking to make the grand gesture of love or perhaps are planning to propose, then here are some of the world’s top romantic destinations to consider.

1.    Paris

When it comes to romantic cities, Paris is undoubtedly the city that comes on top. While you can explore the Eiffel Tower, a far better alternative would be to take a cruise on the Bateaux Mouche, as the lights sprinkle on. From here, you only need to cross one of the many medieval bridges and you’re surely going to come across one of the famous cozy and intimate bistros that Paris is renowned for. In addition to arrangements for a candlelight dinner, don’t forget to check out the numerous exquisite chocolate shops!

2.    Montreal

The perfect mix between old France and the New World, Montreal is one interesting destination to consider for your Valentine’s Day. In case you’re thinking of proposing, then you are bound to make a good impression by heading off into the sunset from Mount Royal to a remote location where you can enjoy a spectacular view of St. Lawrence. Alternatively, if the weather allows you to, consider taking a ride in the famous horse-drawn carriages across one of the many parks. Add dinner reservations at a nice restaurant and you've got yourself the perfect romantic trip.

3.    The Amalfi Coast

Full of colours and aromas telling you that spring is just around the corner, the Italian coastline represents an amazing location to spend Valentine’s Day with your better half. In addition to the excellent restaurants, hotels and private villas, the Amalfi Coast is also a 43 miles paradise that will mesmerize you with the picturesque old villages. And, the best part is that many of these fairytale villages overlook the sea from steep cliffs, so you have the perfect setting for an unforgettable picnic. Furthermore, in case you’re in the mood for something different, don’t forget that you can take a boat trip to what Frank Sinatra used to call the ‘Isle of Capri’.

4.    Roanoke

Even though it’s not a big metropolis or one of the most known locations in the US, Roanoke is a truly spectacular city that glows with a special warmth during Valentine’s Day. A surprising city teeming with restaurants and an interesting cultural scene, Roanoke also offers a spectacular view courtesy of the Blue Ridge Mountains. In case you’re more of an old fashioned couple, then one of the locations to consider for your special day is the historic Grandin Village. Featuring a 1930s style cinema that has been recently restored, the soda bars and pop’s ice cream are bound to take you on a journey back to the so called soda shop days of Hollywood movies.

5.    Nashville

Also known as the ‘Country Music Capital of the World’ Nashville is not your usual Valentine’s Day destination. However, there’s actually more to this city that meets the eye. Home to numerous artists, Nashville offers a wide variety of music and musicians, from classic rock to reggae. Therefore, it’s one of the best places to be if you’re into dancing and fine music. In addition, downtown you can find a plethora of eclectic restaurants and innovative cuisines, most of them set in a remarkably romantic ambience. Did we mention that Nashville features numerous great places with live jazz and midnight music that can set the mood for what can be an unforgettable evening?

6.    Bali

Bali, and particularly its luxury spas, is one of the most romantic destinations for couples looking to spend some time pampering themselves. While it’s true that nowadays Bali features modern metropolises, let’s not forget that it also has quite a number of retreats especially built for couples looking to avoid the hubbub of the city. During the day you can hike, bike or simply explore the surroundings, while at sunset you can enjoy a nice romantic dinner at one of the many excellent restaurants, or you can simply withdraw to you room where you can take advantage of private pool and/or hot tub.

7.    Venice

Filled with magnificent churches and delightful piazzas, Venice is one of the few cities on the planet that seems straight out of a mirage. Perhaps the best parts of the city are the canals and the famous gondola rides. Therefore, why not take a bottle of champagne, a box of chocolate and invite your sweetheart on a gondola ride at sunset. If you really want to make the evening memorable, then head out to Guidecca Island for a private picnic.