Make Your Honeymoon Memorable With A Private Jet Charter!

Posted by on 19/09/2015

Going on a honeymoon is usually a rite of passage for recently married couples. While there may be those who lay emphasis on the wedding ceremony, similar consideration should be extended to planning the honeymoon. Not only does it mark the celebration of the union, it also allows the bridal couple to relax today to commemorate the start of the formal relationship status. One of the great prospects to consider is a private jet charter.

Those who believe that this option does not appeal in terms of the honeymoon usually do so because they think that it's going to be very expensive. But this cannot be further than the truth because nowadays, the rates of private jet charters are not too much higher than what you will pay for a commercial first-class flight ticket. Find out why your honeymoon will be more memorable when you fly by private aviation!


The benefits that come with the private hire of a jet charter are unequaled in most contexts. Not only do you get very few passengers sharing the plane space with you, but the privacy you get by being only you and your spouse makes this a long lasting memorable experience. The pilot and flight attendants are usually the only present crew, though at times the co-pilot may be there for assistance. All of them ensure that your needs are well taken care of. The only task left is for you to enjoy the adventure.


The ability to travel on a jet without other noisy passengers and crying children not only minimizes stress levels during your flight, but also increases the aura of romance in the air. With the private jets coming in a variety of models and makes, the various functional things you can do while in them makes the flight quite enjoyable. The tables in the private jet enable you to drink wine and eat while the top-notch luxurious couches installed enabling you to enjoy your honeymoon before reaching your destination.

Quality of service

The added benefit that you get to experience on the chartered jet can also be extended to foods and drinks. You can opt to surprise your spouse by ordering for specific foods and drinks which can be served on the flight. The joy of enjoying it at the same time with the exquisite service, which you will get usually is an added bonus as you begin your marriage.


There is the added benefit of convenience that you will receive from private jet charter during your honeymoon flight that is priceless. For the romantic at heart and those who can play an instrument like a guitar, you can bring it along with you to serenade your spouse on your journey since such equipment is allowed. In addition, you can also carry other items that you would normally not bring with you when traveling. Most importantly, you are assured of being taken to the closest point of your destination, thereby removing logistical issues for you and your spouse.

Amenities onboard

While seated on the luxurious couches on the jet with your spouse, you will realize that the amenities onboard a private jet far exceed your expectations. The whole private flight experience is meant to pamper both you and your new spouse so with great dining offerings to spacious seating to hi-tech entertainment options, you will be impressed by the amenities onboard that commercial airlines seldom offer.

The wonderful experience that you get from chartering a private jet can start right now. You not only get to book for the charter but if you wish, you can also get your itinerary handled by the charter company to whichever destination you prefer. Make a great start to your honeymoon with a private jet charter today!