Why Should You Consider Private Air Travel?

Posted by on 23/10/2015

When you choose to take a private jet when travelling to a certain destination, you are always sure of a certain things relating to flights. First, you will be absolutely sure that with a private jet, nothing will tie you to schedule and route systems that are very common in commercial flights. Secondly, you will be the one responsible for setting the itinerary. You will always depart for a certain destination as you wish. The private jet will be ready waiting for you. Thirdly, you will not worry about waiting zones, baggage claims, ticket counters and so forth. A private jet company will work out all these details to give you the best flight experience.


Air is regarded as the fastest means of transportation. When you rent a private jet, you make travelling way easier. A private jet service can take you across different destinations in the shortest time possible provided you have a clear schedule. In that case, you can depart in style from an airport closer to your home and land in an airport that is very close to your destination. You will make it on time for any business you may be having at a particular place. Sometimes when you use commercial flights to travel to particular place, even if it is first class, you may have to wait for a connecting plane. With private jet services, waiting is not an option. This one-time flight to your destination saves you quite an amount of time. 

Simply make reservations

All you have to do to get a private jet is book in advance. A great deal of people who like travelling in elegance, style and class make a point of booking private flights in advance to get the best offers. Therefore, if you do not make inquiries early enough, you may miss out on one the most desired private jet services. It is very simple. Make a phone call inquiring about private jet services and you will be assisted with booking, payment options and scheduling. Since you are the one booking, you will be required to provide an itinerary. Pricing will be based on your itinerary and travelling needs. Once you have booked a private jet, you can sit back, relax and wait for your luxurious flight. 

Great catering services

Some people are of the opinion that commercial airline food is somewhat crappy. In a private jet, you will enjoy every minute of dining in the air. Private jet companies usually engage the best catering companies to expand their flight menu options so you can eat whatever you want when travelling. In-flight catering services offer the best cuisines that cheer you up giving you the energy needed for the tasks awaiting in a particular destination. 

Some of the foods you can enjoy from in-flight catering services include welcoming drinks such as vanilla champagne cocktail, appetizers like avocado and tomato Carpaccio (served with basil dressing and bocconcini), main courses such as beef fillet (served with potato) and great desserts to fully satisfy your hunger. 

Therefore, make private jet reservations anytime you want to fly private. The booking process is usually easy and does not take much time. During the booking process, you will be required to provide routing, schedules and the number of travelling passengers tagging along (if you are travelling with anyone). This makes it possible for the flight assistant to furnish an elaborate and detailed proposal for several flight options before making an informed recommendation for you. When everything is set, the rest will involve making payments and you will be all set to fly privately. Private jetting is trending today so catch on today with the A- crowd!