Mile High – Luxurious Jet Rentals

Posted by on 24/12/2010

Some people do not like to travel in a commercial jet; instead they pay more and enjoy their privacy by hiring a luxury jet rental. Luxury jet rental is considered as a royal and elegant way to travel to your destination. There are some advantages of hiring a luxury jet rental, but this only holds good when you get the right type of aircraft, which suits your style and desire.
One of the best advantages of hiring a luxury jet rental is the seclusion, which is not possible on regular planes. It is the perfect way to relax and fly to your destination. A luxury jet rental also compliments its passengers with the latest gadgets and utilities. It gives a homely feeling and flexibility to ease. One other advantage of a luxury jet rental is the flexibility in scheduling departures.
The average top speed of a luxury jet is around 350 – 400 mph, which also gives it an advantage over the commercial jet liners. You can be guaranteed extra attention and pampering by the attendants who will serve you the best food and drinks. Luxury jet rentals would cost around $5000 to $10,000. You can surf the internet to find a list of luxury jet rentals in and around your city or town.