Overview: Specific Charter Landing Documents

Posted by on 29/04/2016

Charter flights have to produce specific documents depending on the destination to which they fly. These documents show that the flight is meeting safety and other legal guidelines to operate and to enter specific countries.

When you choose a charter flight company, you need to make sure that it has the specific landing documents it needs. Otherwise, you may find yourself turned away at landing and heading back home. Here are some of the charter landing documents that may be needed:

U.S. Customs Bonds

U.S. Customs Bonds are required for charter companies to fly people into and out of the United States. It can take a long time to obtain these bonds, so it is important that the charter operator has them secured long before the flight is scheduled to take place.

Landing Permit

Each country requires its own landing permit for charter flights. Some of these can be obtained quickly, but others take time. For example, operators who have not landed in Italy before will have to wait at least 45 days between applying for a permit and receiving one. Other countries require specific documents to issue the landing permit. For example, Japan requires a copy of the charter agreement and the terms of the charter flight.


The insurance required for operating a charter aircraft is not always the same as the insurance required for landing. For example, charters that travel internationally have to carry worldwide insurance. Some countries also require that the insurance policy includes a war-risk clause, and other countries require European Union insurance.

Noise Documents

Countries like Taiwan and Hong Kong require noise certificates for landing. The certificates cover the level of noise emitted by the aircraft, and the certificates are used to ensure that limits are not exceeded. Other documents may be required to land, depending on the country or specific destination. It is important that you only book flights with charter companies that have a long history of successfully flying to the country you want to visit. Otherwise, you could face serious delays when you show up with a charter operator that is not prepared with the right documents.

You can research the charter operator's reputation online, and you can be sure to ask about the required landing documents and whether they have been secured. Don't assume that these documents have been secured and then have an unpleasant surprise.