Private Jets Part Four

Posted by on 04/02/2012

Another reason that jet rentals are such a better experience that going by public transport, is that you can otherwise find that your jet arrives arrives late, or that you miss the flight. There are just too many variables that you can’t account for when it comes to using public airlines and that means that you can’t guarantee that you are going to get to your destination on time.

Of course weather conditions can sometimes make flying practically impossible, however by using a private jet service there are at least fewer different things that can go wrong and so you are more likely to be able to arrive at your destination in good time.

Similarly you will find when using private jets that you have fewer restrictions in other regards. This applies for instance to your luggage. Here using public airlines is very limiting and means that you can’t bring much luggage with you (without paying a huge fee) and you particularly can’t have much on the plane near you.