Private Jets Part Two

Posted by on 04/02/2012

In other words you will arrive when the train dictates and you will leave when the train dictates. Similarly you might have to make several unpleasant connections, if you miss one you will be very late and if you have lots of luggage then you will have to drag it around with you.

All this is similar to the experience of getting a public jet rather than private planes. If you use public transport to fly then this will mean that you have to fly at all sorts of different unearthly hours, and you will likely have no say in when this occurs. There are only so many flights to choose from when you fly the ‘old fashioned way’ and this means that you are inevitably going to end up on a flight that you are particularly happy with.

This can actually have many serious repercussions on your trip and is a good enough reason alone to use private jets for matters of importance.

For instance if you are flying somewhere for an important meeting or event. You could of course do this without using private jets.