Private Planes Aren’t Just for the Rich Today

Posted by on 23/11/2011

Not long ago, it used to be the case that private planes were associated with a high status and lots of luxury – mainly due to their high price and low availability. Nowadays though, it’s a completely different story – a number of companies are operating low-cost flights on private planes and the service is becoming more and more available to the regular consumer. If you’re still suffering from the experience of having your seat kicked for several hours while watching a boring in-flight movie, you should definitely consider switching to an experience where the entire service revolves around you.

That’s what private planes are all about, and today you can get on one for a price that’s actually lower than what you’d pay for a ticket on a commercial airline to the same destination! And if you really want to score some savings, consider taking a few more people with you on board as well, in which case you’re going to pay a laughably small price in the end. Now add to that the fact that you’ll not be bound to any of the silly regulations that regular commercial passengers have to adhere to, and you have an experience that can’t be matched by any commercial airline.