Why People Prefer Private Jets

Posted by on 17/06/2011

Did you ever find yourself wondering why people like to fly in private jets instead of in commercial airplanes? Well, there are several reasons why people prefer jets to airplanes so if you want to know more about why people choose private jets continue reading this post. The first reason is the fact that with a private jet you are usually the only one on board other than the pilot and the assistants. That means you will not be bothered by anyone around you; no crying babies and no crowded areas. You won’t have to wait to use the bathroom like you would normally have to do in a commercial airplane with a bunch of people on board. The reason why people rent a private jet is the fact that it is private; and people enjoy their privacy. It can be a bit uncomfortable sitting next to strangers on a flight that lasts for a long time. In addition to comfort the private jet also allows famous people avoid crowds of fans which could hinder the progress of their journey. A lot of famous people take private jets around to avoid crowds of on lookers; a crowd of fans can be quite hindering.