Bombardier Challenger 600 Private Jet

Bombardier Challenger 600

The Bombardier Challenger 600 is a long-running family of jets that are designed for luxurious and efficient business travel. With a range of more than 3,800 miles and lots of interior conveniences, this jet is ideal for businesspeople who want to hold meetings in the sky while on their way to important appointments.

What You Need to Know about the Bombardier Challenger 600

With a fuel capacity and range that can keep it in the air from one coast of North America or another, the Bombardier 600 has a flight speed of up to 548 miles per hour and is aerodynamically designed to minimize turbulence. The cabin holds up to 19 passengers with capacity for a full refreshment bar, making it ideal for large group meetings or conferences. The cabin also provides plenty of room to stand and move around, so it never feels cramped.

The Challenger 600 is designed with comfort and efficiency in mind. If you plan to give a major presentation or brief somebody on their way to a distant meeting, this is the ideal jet for your needs.

Bombardier Challenger 600 Interior


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