Block Charter


Discover the freedom and savings of NovaJet’s Block Charter Program.

What is NovaJet’s Block Charter Program?

Frequent flyers can enjoy the perks and flexibility of luxury private jet charters, with minimal commitments and responsibilities. If you plan to travel 50 hours or more per year, the Block Charter Program guarantees your trips at a preferred rate. This is an ideal program for private jet charters as well as corporate jet charters.

Preferential rate applied
to our entire fleet
Inclusive & simplified
cost structure
NO Membership/Registration or Maintenance Fees
Access to an entire spectrum of aircraft categories

Why take advantage of NovaJet’s Block Charter Program?

Your jet hours are available to use at any time, and as you see fit. Pack before you call; our no-hassle booking system will have you in the air sooner than you think.

Apply your status across our entire executive aircraft fleet. We offer a range of luxury private jets for rent. Can’t make up your mind? Try them all.

Block Charter

Unparalleled Service

Available 24 hours a day
Seven days a week

Toll Free: 800-979-4JET/4538