Vision / Mission / Values


NovaJet’s vision, mission and core values represent a clear message to our clients, employees, manufacturers, vendors, and the industry about our goals and our leadership responsibility as a service organization and employer. These statements will guide all our employees as we go about our daily work and will affect not only our way of dealing with our immediate environment but will also help us realize our ambition to become the leader in business aviation services worldwide.

Our Vision

NovaJet is a proven leader in business aviation services worldwide and envisions a future where our team continues to lead the world while ensuring social and environmental responsibility in our sector by positively influencing clients, employees, manufacturers vendors, competitors, and others, to find ways to strive for constant improvement.

Our Mission

NovaJet’s mission is to provide exceptional service to our customers by operating at the highest standards of operational excellence. These standards are achieved by;

Maintaining the established culture throughout the organization that the safety and security of our clients and employees is our top priority in all our operations and services.

Providing our clients with world-class services and products that meet stringent industry-recognized best practices endorsed by both ISBAO Stage III Registration and ARG/US Platinum Certification.

Offering our employees an excellent working environment and rewarding entrepreneurial spirit and outstanding performance.

Ensuring all employees receive “Living Family Wage”.

Maintaining mutually rewarding and reliable partnerships with manufacturers, suppliers and authorities including mutual social and environmental stewardship.

Acting responsibly towards the environment by reducing waste, recycling, choosing energy-efficient products, engaging with industry to find environmentally friendly solutions, and reducing and offsetting carbon emissions.

Committing to conducting business to the highest ethical and professional standards.

Our Values

Inclusiveness: we respect people, value diversity and are committed to equality.

Quality: we strive for excellence through continuous improvement.

Trust: we trust each other to do the right thing for NovaJet as a whole.

• Honesty: we are honest with each other, and we tell the truth to ourselves and others.

• Alignment: we are one aligned team dedicated to serving our clients.

• Transparency: we are transparent to our clients and each other.



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