We take your safety extremely seriously. Going above and beyond to make sure our pilots, aircraft and facilities exceed industry safety standards. 

Family is important. From the moment you board a NovaJet plane you are considered part of our family. From there its just relaxation and comfort as we whisk you away to your destination. Scroll to find out more about our standards, and our safety history.


Platinum Rating

ARGUS International is an independent, unbiased third party that developed this safety rating program throughout the world. NovaJet has achieved the highest accreditation available, an ARGUS Platinum Rating – we are one of a select few Platinum-rated operators in all of Canada.

In fact, the ARGUS Audit report dated Dec 20, 2013, noted "NovaJet's management team is cohesive, energetic, and focused on quality processes and operations. The company President, Director of Maintenance, and Director of Flight Operations are each highly experienced and are dedicated to NovaJet maintaining a safe and professional operation." If you are a potential customer of a jet charter company or fractional operator, it’s well worth asking about their ARGUS rating.

Stage 3

IS-BAO (The International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations) is a code of best practices that promotes high professional operational standards. For the aviation business community worldwide, it is the benchmark for safety and efficiency, raising the confidence of regulators and the public that this is a well-managed operator.

NovaJet has once again achieved another top safety accreditation with a worldwide IS-BAO 3 rating for achieving the highest levels of safety and professionalism.

Experienced Pilots

The safety of our owners and their guests is paramount. NovaJet Aviation Group pilots are amongst the most experienced in the industry. Every aircraft has two highly trained pilots that attend distinguished flight training facilities – for ground school, simulator training, and regular proficiency evaluations. Every flight is under the command of two full-time, type-rated, Transport Canada recognized pilots, meeting stringent requirements that exceed Transport Canada standards.

Experienced Pilots

Connect with us about your aircraft by contacting a member of our management and/or maintenance team.

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