Bombardier Challenger 850 Private Jet

Bombardier Challenger 850

Also specializing in business aviation, Bombardier Business Aircraft features their Challenger 850 as the game changer in their flight services. The Challenger 850, taken from its name, challenges every conventional business aircraft with its state-of-the-art design and built.

International flights won’t be a worry with Challenger 850’s non-stop range of 2,811 nautical miles, flying with a high-speed cruise of Mach 0.80. Business meetings and conferences are just quick rush with the servicing of the Challenger 850 jet.

It also appeals to first-class cabins with spacious interior and relaxing ambiance. With its width of 8 feet and 2 inches/ 2.49 meters, the cabin can accommodate 14 passengers on board, making it ideal for necessary activities and work.

The Challenger 850 is powered by the GE CF34-3B1 turbofan engine, making it more efficient and deliver greater air performance. The GE CF34-3B1 turbofan engine functions as the gauge to how long the jet would last.

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