Airbus ACJ320 Private Jet

Airbus ACJ320

The Airbus ACJ320 offers a very spacious cabin as a corporate jet as found in similar models such as the ACJ318 and ACJ319. The cabin floor spans 100 square meters with infinite cabin arrangements possible for different customer preferences. Flyers can enjoy different types of space that includes separate lounges and even a large master bedroom. A dedicated staff area is possible with the large space.

A fleet of over 170 Airbus corporate jets fly to criss cross all continents from Australia and countries like Europe. The Airbus lineup is designed to include a common cockpit with a familiar layout of the flying controls and instruments as well as procedures. This makes it easy for pilots to transit from one airbus to another for a smooth fly.

The Airbus ACJ320 cockpits offer state-of-the-art fly-by-wire technology that controls and protects the aircraft and its passengers. This is known as the new standard for the aviation industry with side-stick controllers which offer easy fingertip manoeuvring. The side-stick controllers operate pull-out tables for meals or paperwork.

The Airbus corporate jets use fly-by-wire controls for better flight travels in a business jet with common cockpits embracing new technologies to allow pilots enjoy similar modern working environments that encourages easier navigation.

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