Boeing BBJ Private Jet

Boeing BBJ

The Boeing BBJ is the first in a series of private jets, and it sets the bar for excellence. The BBJ carries eight passengers for a range of more than 6,000 miles, allowing you to reach most destinations without stopping to refuel. You'll finish you trip faster and make more efficient use of your time and your budget.

Exceptional Space

The bottom line for most private jets is how comfortable a ride they provide. The Boeing BBJ has a huge interior that is 11 feet wide and has enough vertical clearance that you can walk around upright freely throughout the cabin. You don't have to worry about ever ducking down or moving between cramped seats or aisles.

You can enjoy a luxurious interior that includes upscale materials and advanced technology for improved safety and better personal entertainment. You'll love every flight you take on a Boeing BBJ private jet.

Unparalleled Service

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