Boeing BBJ2 Private Jet

Boeing BBJ2 Private Jet

Boeing has made a big name for itself with both its commercial and its private jets. With its BBJ line of jets, Boeing has raised the bar yet again, offering passengers exceptional range, efficiency, comfort and style all in one package. With the BBJ2 private jet, Boeing has improved upon the line by offering even more features and an advanced design that will make you feel like you are traveling the best.

Style and Comfort

The interior of a Boeing BBJ2 private jet looks like the lounge area of a five-star hotel or an executive social club. The beautiful design includes plush seating that will make you comfortable for the duration of the flight, no matter how long the flight is.

The interior is larger than the base BBJ jet, and it allows passengers to move about freely and comfortably. You'll have so much space and freedom that you'll forget you're on an airplane.

Unparalleled Service

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