Boeing BBJ3 Private Jet

Boeing BBJ3

The Boeing Business Jet 3 is the new addition in the Boeing Jet family. Its design follows the design of Boeing 737-900ER airliner with a larger space. It takes on a direct non-stop flight with destinations like Bhutan to cover as maximum range of 10,066km.

Design and Features

This aircraft offers 89% more luggage space with extra 35% interior space over its predecessor. Boeing has come out with another winner in dynamic aircraft design to enjoy higher orders across the globe.

The BBJ3 design is based on the 737-900ER airframe which offers higher performance in extended range and speed with reduced noise and emission levels. This aircraft has a new long-range fuel system with aluminum and 7% composite on the aircraft body.

The BBJ3 wings have blended winglets designed and supplied by Aviation Partners Boeing. These wings function to lower block fuel burning and noise level. There is an increase of fuel mileage and altitude with lower engine maintenance on costs and range.

The fuselage is also made of aluminum from the Spirit AeroSystems before being transported to Renton. Although Boeing delivers the aircraft without interior fittings or exterior paints but the design is always passed with green configuration; moreover, customized interior designs are possible.

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