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Bombardier Private Aircraft Jets

When it comes to private luxury jets, the Bombardier brand is one of the most well-recognized and popular airlines in history. This brand of jets has history in a variety of different fields and flight ranges, but is known for the luxury and quality that it provides in all of them.

The Bombardier Family of Jets

Bombardier is a brand that has several different jet families to its name. This includes the Learjet, the Challenger, and the Global. Learjet models tend to be smaller and more cost effective, but still offer cabins spacious enough for group business meetings. The Challenger family has a wider cabin and is targeted toward those who want private long-range flights, including intercontinental journeys. Finally, the Global jet family offers a huge amount of space while still maintaining enough of a flying range to cross either the Atlantic or Pacific oceans.

The Benefit of Bombardier Jets

Because Bombardier is broken into several different families, there is a great opportunity for transfers of technology between the different jet types. For example, the Learjet family pioneered a new jet body that helps to reduce the effects of turbulence, and this innovation has since been adapted to other Bombardier jets. Bombardier took to the skies in 1986 when the company bough Canadair and has been a mainstay in top-level jets ever since.

Bombardier jets are ideal for those who have a business purpose to their trips or have a long-range intercontinental voyage that they wish to make in luxury. This brand has a strong history of quality behind it and a number of technological innovations that get shared across the Bombardier jet families.

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