Cessna Citation 525 Private Jet

Cessna Citation 525

The Cessna Citation 525 family of jets is great for those who need fast and comfortable business travel but aren’t planning on taking transoceanic flights. The first of the Citation 525 line flew in 1991. Today, Cessna produces two jets in the 525 family, the Cessna CJ3+ and the Cessna CJ4. The CJ4 is the larger of the two and allows for an additional passenger as well as being faster and capable of travelling further than the CJ3.

Providing Comfort and Versatility

As part of their Citation line, all Cessna 525s are purpose-built business jets that are designed to meet as many business needs as possible. They feature foldout tables for maximum productivity, and the CJ4 includes an HD display that you can plug your laptop into to work on. All 525s come with a number of interior design options so you can choose one that matches your personality and business. The 525 line is also known for being exceptionally quiet, making it a top choice for business travellers who need to stay productive while they fly.

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