Cessna Excel Private Jet

Cessna Excel

From Textron Aviation, Cessna Excel literally excels in the air as it is the most celebrated business jet worldwide. Not only it has made a name as one of Cessna’s citation jets, it also is the most bought jet because of its convenience and affordable price.

The Cessna Excel gives out premium accommodation and flight performance mid-air. Although categorized as a mid-size jet, Excel functions as a super light jet class. It can fly up to 2,100 nautical miles of range with a 0.64 Mach cruise level. Its operating altitude is 45,000 feet, relatively higher than other jets of the same class.

Cessna Excel’s cabin can host a total of passengers with its 6-person seating. The cabin is conveniently compact with its average mid-size jet dimensions of 5.7 feet high and 5.5 feet wide.

Excel performs with a PW545 engine featuring high-pressure core to increase thrust to 3,804 pounds apiece, giving extra efficiency.

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