Cessna Private Jet Charter


Cessna is one of the oldest companies in the private aviation industry, having formed in 1927 and introduced their first aircraft in 1929. They have been producing planes and ever since then, save for a short break during the Great Depression, and today boast a line of business jets, turboprops, and single-engine aircraft. Their current line of business jets extends from the Citation Mustang to the Citation Longitude, offering planes that cover a wide variety of business needs.

Planes for Every Business Need

Cessna’s Citation line covers a wider variety of needs than many other manufacturers, whether it’s a quick flight for four from Atlanta to Chicago or a trans-Atlantic flight from Boston to London. One thing that all of their planes boast is a level of comfort that you won’t find on any commercial flight, regardless of how much you pay. All of the Citation line’s cabins are designed with business travel in mind and constructed from high-quality materials. Their jets are designed to allow you to work comfortably from a laptop, and some even offer a desk for when you need a true office in the sky.

Their larger jets offer multiple floor configurations so you can choose one that meets your needs exactly. All of their planes offer multiple interior design options so you can choose the one that suits you and your company best. The company is also launching the Citation Hemisphere in 2019. With a maximum range of 4,500 miles, the Citation Hemisphere will allow for transoceanic business travel with low operating costs for its class, allowing Cessna to cover even more business travel needs.

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