Embraer Legacy 500 Private Jet

Embraer Legacy 500

The Embraer Legacy 500 is another dynamic inspiration by an innovative aircraft designer and manufacturer that excels in its performance in the air and on the ground. The Legacy 500 boasts a proven track record in field performance with destinations that include the likes of London City, Riyadh, and Gander.

This sleek aircraft steps in to service many major business aviation hubs around the world with greater flexibility for flyers among the midsize jet category. It maneuvers wonderfully even at London City's short runway and steep approach. Flight controls and take off performance smoothly get you off the ground in a flash, despite the unique departure angles.

Special Features The Legacy 500 is a world class aircraft in the super-midsize aircraft market with its 6-foot flat-floor cabin. It offers eight club seats converted into four beds to enjoy a power siesta during the flight. Also packed with in-flight entertainment, high-definition video, surround sound and multiple audio/video input options, you have all that is needed to muse for several hours until touching down.

Flyers can enjoy a well structured cabin management system with three voice communications options for better connectivity in the air. There are well designed digital flight controls using fly-by-wire technology with side-stick controls with four high-resolution LCD displays for seamless graphical flight planning.

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