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Embraer Jets Deliver Superior Service

Embraer is a South American company that is the third largest airplane maker in the world - though it shares that title with Bombardier.

Embraer makes commercial and executive jets, as well as military and agricultural aircraft. Thanks to its long history and its varied approach, it brings mastery to the design and creation of all its aircraft. The Embraer jets you fly have superior construction, gorgeous style, and wonderful amenities.

Whether you are flying for business or to start your vacation, you'll enjoy the luxury that Embraer jets offer.

Sophisticated Style and Comfort

Embraer jets feel like hotel rooms in the sky. They are fully outfitted with sofas, tables, plush chairs, and more, allowing you to relax, stretch out to sleep, chat with your fellow passengers or do some business in flight. You'll be comfortable no matter where you are in the cabin and no matter what you are trying to do.

Separate cabin zones are available to provide comfort for passengers engaged in different activities.

The interior styling on these planes ranges from warm and retro tones to modern and sophisticated finishes. You'll feel right at home on these jets, and you'll feel proud to host business clients when you're traveling together.

Cabins are also designed to have very low noise during travel, so you can have conversations or listen to music or movies without problems.

You'll enjoy every minute of your trip when you fly on an Embraer jet.

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