Gulfstream G-V Private Jet

Gulfstream G-V

Introduced in 1997, the Gulfstream G-V was the first ultra-long range business jet and continues to set the standard for the class today. With a maximum range of about 6,500 miles, it is capable of completing nearly any flight you could ask for. The plane lives up to the standards of performance and reliability that Gulfstream is renowned for.

Revolutionary Long-Range Travel

Modern business jets still have trouble competing with the level of performance that the Gulfstream G-V set at the time of its introduction. Even at maximum load capacity the plane can still travel 6,230 miles, well within the range of nearly all transoceanic flights. The plane usually holds 15 passengers, but can be configured to hold more if necessary. Standard amenities include a galley, fold-out work tables, a sink with running water, power outlets, and separate lavatories for passengers and crew. The plane can also be upgraded to include satellite TV and satellite phones at every seat as well.

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