Gulfstream G200 Private Jet

Gulfstream G200

The G200 is a great choice when there’s the need to transport a larger party to a destination sooner rather than later. Thanks to the design and the presence of two Pratt and Whitney PW3016A engines, the G200 can cruise to a height of 37,000 feet in around 19 minutes. Once in line for a high speed cruise, the jet will travel at a maximum of 0.082 Mach. Thanks to a range of just over 3900 nautical miles, the G200 is an ideal choice for continental and intercontinental travel.

Comfort Along With Speed

The cabin configuration of Gulfstream G200 can be adjusted to fit the needs of the party. This allows room for up to 19 passengers. Separate climate controls are in place for the cockpit and the cabin, ensuring everyone can enjoy the temperature setting they prefer. The design allows passengers to enjoy a steady supply of fresh air rather than recirculated air.

Along with comfortable seating, passengers have access to outlets that make it possible to work while they travel or use other electronic devices. The baggage space is ample, making it easy to take along anything needed for the trip.

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