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Gulfstream Aerospace

Gulfstream is one of the oldest and best-known names in the business aviation industry. They introduced the Gulfstream I, the world’s first purpose-built business aircraft, in 1958, and have continued to build well-regarded and reliable airplanes since then. Their current line stretches from the G150, a mid-sized jet capable of most transcontinental flights, to the G650ER, a long-range jet designed for linking key cities situated on opposites sides of the globe.

Smooth Travel in a Comfortable Cabin

Gulfstream’s jets cruise at a higher altitude than most commercial aircraft, providing for a smooth flight with minimum turbulence. This is because there is less bad weather and very few planes sharing the airspace where they fly. Most of Gulfstream’s jets have an average cruising altitude of about 41,000 feet while the Boeing 777, one of the world’s most popular commercial jets, typically cruises at about 35,000 feet. Since they only produce purpose-built business jets, comfort has been one of Gulfstream’s priorities since the company’s start.

They offer multiple seating arrangements on all of their jets, allowing them to be configured to hold more passengers, sleep more passengers, or fly with more weight. All of their planes boast comfortable, custom-built seats that are generously spaced to allow for adequate leg and shoulder room. Their larger jets also offer configurations that include a conference room, making them perfect for companies who can’t afford to wait to conduct business. The majority of the planes can provide internet connectivity if needed and all of them are equipped with satellite phones for communication with those on the ground, making them some of the most business-ready planes in the sky.

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