Hawker Private Jet for Rent

Hawker Jets: Conference Rooms in the Sky

The Hawker jet is a luxurious airline designed specifically for business use. Providing all the necessities needed to hold business conferences, this airline is capable of streamlining high-profile ventures by providing you with all the amenities you need to hold major meetings while en route to another destination.

The Hawker Jet at a Glance

Hawker jets come in two varieties: the 800 XP model and the 900 XP model. These are both luxurious jet liners that were developed by British Aerospace BAe 125 and assembled by Hawker Beechcraft. Both models are capable of carrying six to eight passengers comfortably, with a lot of room made available to move around the first-class accommodations as needed. Hawker jets have a range of up to 3,200 miles on a single tank of fuel and come with such amenities as stand-up headroom for the entire cabin length and a full refreshment center.

What the Hawker Jet Has to Offer

A typical Hawker jet providers more than 18 feet of interior seating length and a total cabin length of more than 21 feet. Combined with lots of headroom, this means that people aboard can stand up, walk around, and give business presentations as needed. With a high speed of more than 500 miles per hour, the jet can cover its maximum range of 3,200 miles in a little over six hours. This means that a company could bring a high-profile individual on board and hold an entire interview or conference before the jet even touches down.

One of the most important things for any business airline to have is a feeling of luxury. The Hawker provides space and ease of mobility to create a unique business experience in the sky.

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