Learjet 31A Private Jet

Learjet 31A

Speed is one of the attributes that people associate with Learjet and the 31A ensures that those expectations are met. Designed to reach a cruising speed of 0.81 Mach after a short climb of less than a half-hour, this option for private jet travel easily outclasses other jets of the same size. All the features combine to make this jet one of the best options for fast and efficient travel.

Performance is king here, with two Garret engines that provide in excess of 2500 pounds of thrust from each one. That provides the 31A with a level of manoeuvrability that similar jets can’t match. The engines are also highly fuel-efficient. The result is that the jet can travel over 1200 nautical miles with four passengers on board.

Comfort While Travelling

The ability to get to the destination quickly is not the only perk of choosing this private jet option. With a cabin that’s slightly over 17 feet in length, there’s room to accommodate up to 8 passengers and still have plenty of legroom. The jet is also designed to provide a little less than 70 feet of baggage space. That comes in handy when there’s the need to take trade show materials and other essentials along for the ride.

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