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Learjet has been in the private jet industry for decades, making them one of the best-known names in the business. They introduced the Learjet 23 in 1964 and with it set a new standard for fast and efficient business travel. Since then, they have continued to develop innovative solutions in these areas. They were acquired by Bombardier Aerospace in Canada in 1990 and have been producing planes under the Bombardier Learjet Family name ever since. They currently offer two business jets, the Learjet 70 and the Learjet 75.

Super-Efficient Business Travel

One of the things that Learjet has historically prioritized is efficiency in business travel. Their current lineup is no exception. The Learjet 70 is capable of speeds near the top of its class and can easily connect many key cities with its maximum flight distance of 2,060 nautical miles. The Learjet 75 is very fuel-efficient and offers the lowest operating cost per nautical mile in its class. It typically cruises at 45,000, providing for a smooth flight with minimal turbulence.

Prioritizing efficiency doesn’t mean that Learjet has had to sacrifice comfort in their planes, however. They offer comfortable seats with integrated storage in a club or club forward configuration on their jets. They are spaced far enough apart so you can work or relax without disturbing your fellow passengers. All of Learjet’s planes have pop-up monitors that display flight information and videos. The Learjet 70 also offers satellite phone and internet connectivity as upgrades to the base model. Their unparalleled performance and business-ready cabins make Learjet’s planes a popular choice for those in need of efficient business travel without leaving the continent.

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