Pilatus PC24 Private Jet

Pilatus PC24

Flying a Pilatus PC24 say, to Switzerland or Austria is an experience which every world business traveler would want to marvel in. Ensuring new discoveries as with the uniqueness of every Switzerland mountain crystal formed. This is the only aircraft which combines a versatile turboprop and medium-light jet cabin size for a great performance that begets a light jet.

The PC24 is a unique innovation under the Super Versatile Jet (SVJ) category. Its engineering is considered an “off-road” track with outstanding short-field performance that excels even on unpaved runways. There is a high degree of mobility with the PC-24 to enjoy close to 100% accessibility to all airports around the world.

Now travelers can fly closer to their final destination via the Pilatus PC24 compared to other business jet. Even smaller airports are open to the PC-24 to avoid heavy air traffic without bureaucratic administrations and procedures that make traveling a chore. There is faster ground transfer time with greater ease in traveling.

The power of the Pilatus PC-24 lies in the innovative and efficient technology of Williams International FJ44-4A for its dynamic power unit. This craft engages unique Quiet Power Mode for a quiet and economical energy that would power up relevant electrical systems independent of ground power sources.

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