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Pilatus Aircraft Ltd

As one of the makers behind state-of-the-art and world-class aviation, Pilatus Aircraft Ltd offers more than sophistication with their aircraft.

Pilatus Aircraft Ltd is the only Swiss company to manufacture, develop, and sell aircraft worldwide. Founded in 1939, their name is widely celebrated by business leaders, aviation companies and others who have experienced flight with a Pilatus jet.

Pilatus Group joins business with two independent subsidiaries from Colorado, USA and Adelaide in Australia plus a joint venture group in Chongqing, China. Both subsidiaries function as branches for Pilatus’s promotions around the world. Pilatus Colorado is responsible for manufacturing and producing their first-class aircraft in coordination with its production line in Stans, Switzerland, giving customers the finest out of their customization preferences and specification requests. The Colorado subsidiary is also in charge of sales and servicing activities in the Americas. Pilatus Australia Pty Ltd is behind the marketing and sales support center for the Oceanic regions. The Chongqing base produces structural components for certain aircraft models of Pilatus.

Most Trusted Brand in The World

Pilatus aircraft are gaining praise from clients of different levels and nationalities. With over a list of approvals and certifications. Pilatus has proven to be top-notch for any use.

The company has established their name in the Swiss Federal Office for Civil Aviation which is the most competent authority in the business. The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has also approved four licenses to issue EASA forms and operate as an aircraft construction business. They have also surpassed requirements for class and type rating training courses for pilots and engineers thus giving them authority to develop the next generation trainer - the Pilatus PC-21, specially built and designed to train the next generation of military pilots.

Technology and Engineering

Pilatus Group employs 300 engineers responsible for improvements, design, and testing of aircraft. Pilatus engineers have easy access to the latest design technology for each type of aircraft upon submission, testing and certification from the board.

Their aircraft adheres to the latest safety guidelines and first-class quality air performance featuring a great deal for any use.

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