Experience the benefits of executive air charter

One of our valued client’s recently said: “For me the cost of flying commercially doesn’t end with the price of the ticket. The price of flying commercially includes time lost to delays, security hassles, and waiting for connections that actually go to my destination. When there are more than two in our party, flying with NovaJet is more affordable and, because they fly directly where we want to go, it doesn’t cost me time away from my family. When you add all that up, I find its worth a lot.”

Many corporations are frustrated with non-reliable commercial airline services and are turning to executive air charter as an alternative means of travel. We invite you to consider a private charter service that offers the following benefits;

  • Time Savings
  • Safety & Security
  • Financial Savings & Transparency
  • Industry Expertise & Innovation
  • Booking & Flight Simplicity
  • Control of Your Itinerary
  • Private & Exclusive
  • Increasing En-route Productivity
  • Inspired & Committed Team

See our corporate brochure for more details or contact a member of NovaJet's team.