Our block charter program provides considerable savings.

NovaJet’s unique Block Charter Program will reduce your overall charter costs while still ensuring flexibility and dependability in scheduling. As a program member, you'll benefit from preferred rates, and an all-inclusive and simplified rate structure. This program offers a number of advantages that may be typically found in various fractional ownership and Jet Card programs but without the pitfalls associated with the added responsibilities and commitments-and you still have full access to the entire spectrum of aircraft categories.

Consider a program that offers you the following advantages:

  • Preferential rate applied to our entire fleet
  • Inclusive & simplified cost structure
  • NO Membership/Registration or Maintenance Fees
  • Access to an entire spectrum of aircraft categories

In essence, you’re not locked into owning a small percentage of any one given aircraft. As a valued customer this program offers you a preferred rate with the flexibility to apply your status across the entire private executive aircraft fleet.

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