March Madness

Basketball fans know that March Madness is a time to be savored. As teams compete, it’s only natural that their supporters would want to follow their favorite teams and watch them in action. That’s where the idea of creating a dream sports vacation and making it to as many of those games as possible comes to mind. To make things better, arranging private flights to get to and from those games is the way to go. Here is why this approach makes sense.

Can’t Beat the Flexibility

Many fans will gobble up the commercial airline tickets so they can make it to at least some of the games. That makes it harder to secure tickets and even more difficult to change them if there is the need to make a last-minute change in the plans.

Choosing to go with a private jet charter means having more flexibility in the travel plans. Should it become necessary to leave in the afternoon rather than the morning, the service can adjust the flight plan accordingly. When the desire to stay in town an additional night strikes, all it takes is one quick phone call to restructure the travel plans. Try doing that with a commercial flight and see what happens.

Traveling With Buddies

The nice thing about booking a jet charter to New York or other parts of the country is that you get to choose who is traveling in the same jet. How many times have you been on a regular flight and found yourself stuck next to someone who snores the entire trip or who wants to talk about subjects that hold no interest for you?

When you go with a charter flight, it’s possible to surround yourself with people you like and want to spend time with. There’s the chance to chat about whatever you like, enjoy a meal or a snack when the mood strikes, and in general make the travel part of the excursion a lot of fun.

Room for Souvenirs

You and the other members of your party are likely to buy a few souvenirs as you make your way from city to city. Where will they be stored? You can only have so much storage space on a commercial flight before things get expensive.

The storage space on your jet charter to Philadelphia and the other cities included in your dream sports vacation means you can purchase all the tee shirts, coffee mugs, and other goodies that you want. The only thing you will need to do is purchase something that makes it easy to haul them off the jet and to your car.

Even if you are getting a late start with your travel plans for March Madness, don’t worry. The right charter company will have a solution that will get you to any destination that you have in mind. Spend some time with a representative and plan out your trip, then sit back and enjoy the fun of going to all the games you like with people that you enjoy.

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