Hawker 125-700A

The Hawker 125-700A is a twin-engine mid-size corporate jet that can transfer passengers more than 1,700 miles. This aircraft provides a very large interior for its size and travels at a fast but smooth pace. While it can’t bring passengers from one coast to the other, it is ideal for those who want to get business done while en route to a distant location.


The Hawker 125-700A at a Glance

There are about 1,600 total Hawker 125-700A jets in existence today, and the aircraft was manufactured from 1962 through 2013. The jet is designed for small business conferences, with a capacity for two crew members, eight passengers, and a full refreshment center. However, if you have a high-density business need, the number of passengers can be increased to 14 total. The jet can travel its full range of 1,700 miles in a little over three hours, allowing time for meetings, preparatory conferences, and the like.

The Hawker 125-700A is a well-known and reliable corporate jet that has more than 50 years of history behind it. While not ideal for transcontinental trips, it is excellent for domestic business travel.