Formula 1 - Grand Prix Montreal

Every year, racing enthusiasts from around the world come together in Montreal to cheer on the best. The race itself has been taking place since the early '60s, but it has only been in Montreal since the late '70s.

The Canadian Grand Prix has grown to become the most watched Grand Prix in the world for Formula One, and it is the third most watched sports event in the world.

If you love Formula One racing, there is no better event to attend than the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal. Treating yourself to a chartered flight will help you start the trip off right. You can feel like a celebrity or corporate bigwig on your way to the race while you kick back on your private flight and sip champagne.

Flying into Montreal

You have many options for your chartered flight into Montreal. The Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (code YUL) is the primary airport, but there are almost 20 more airports in the area.

When you book your charter flight, consider the location of the airport, as well as the crowds you can expect there. The bigger and more crowded the airport, the longer your travel time will likely be and the more stressful your trip will be. Choose a smaller airport that's close to your hotel to make your trip shorter and stress-free.

Getting Tickets

Tickets are available from the event website, and you have several options. You can choose your seats, how many days you stay, and so on. The price and availability will vary depending on the options you choose.

Though there are plenty of tickets available, you'll still want to book fairly early to ensure you get your tickets. It is a very popular event, so tickets can go fast.

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