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Chartering a Jet Flight from Toronto to the Cancun

Cancun nestles on the northeast coast of the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico. Overlooking the Caribbean Sea, Cancun is famous for its’ white powdery sand beaches and clean, crystal clear waters. If you are headed for some invigorating Mexican hospitality and planning a jet charter from YYZ to CUN, then here are a few tips worth bearing in mind

The Journey and Airport Options

Cancun is served by the Cancun International Airport (CUN) which is situated just 9 miles away from downtown. It generally isn’t recommended to rent a car due to narrow roads and some intimidating driving habits. Taking a cab to get to and from the airport is recommended and the Hotel Zone is just a short 6-mile trip away. Cancun has an excellent bus system and taxis are relatively inexpensive.

Tips for Your Stay at Cancun

Cancun enjoys a tropical climate with a fairly constant and warm temperature most of the year. The tropical storm season lasts from May to December, and the best time to visit is from December to April, during the peak season. Cancun is located in one of the main Caribbean hurricane impact areas.

Most of Cancun’s resorts, hotels, and condominiums are located in the Hotel Zone. This is a strip of offshore land connected to the mainland by a bridge at either end. If you base yourself here, you will be in prime position to enjoy the varied water sports and the electric night scene. For a more laidback vacation and more of an authentic Mexican experience, you’ll need to head to the mainland.

The major hotels in the Hotel Zone all have their own beachfront which is still accessible to the public. Beaches are sensibly marked with flags to indicate the safest places to swim and even if you are a beginner, you can still try your hand at scuba diving or jet-skiing under expert supervision.

Cancun Centro (downtown) will allow you an escape from the mayhem of the Hotel Zone. The atmosphere is not only more laidback and authentic Mexican, but cheaper and family-friendly too. It’s worth a visit to try some of the great restraunts and bars or purely to just indulge in some shopping.

That Cancun has exploded from a small sand barrier 3 decades ago, into the medium sized city of today, is indicative of its’ popularity as a tourist destination. If you are looking for an indulgent holiday and a chance to splash in warm Caribbean waters, then arriving in a chartered jet from Toronto to Cancun will be the perfect start to an unforgettable jaunt.

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