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Chartering a Jet Flight from Toronto to Indianapolis

Indianapolis doesn't get as much attention as its nearby Midwestern sister city, Chicago. However, it is the capital of Indiana, and it is one of the most populated cities in the United States. It has a gorgeous skyline thanks to the tall skyscrapers that house some of the Fortune 500 companies that are headquartered there.
Private jet travel is perfect for business travelers who want the opportunity to conduct business in flight or even to travel with clients. You'll have plenty of room to do work, and you'll impress clients with all the amenities that are offered.

Airports in Indianapolis

Indianapolis International Airport (code IND) is the most popular choice for flyers into the city, but multiple other options are available.

Some notable choices include the Indianapolis Regional Airport (code MQJ), Indianapolis Metropolitan Airport (code UMP) Greenwood Municipal Airport (code HFY) and Eagle Creek Airpark (code EYE). One of the other benefits of flying on a private jet is that you can fly into these smaller airports that will be less crowded and will not be as stressful to navigate.

The flight from YYZ to Indianapolis is a short one - just about an hour and a half. Nevertheless, flying a private jet will give you more opportunity to conduct business in flight and to truly stretch out and relax. You'll arrive feeling refreshed and confident, which will make you more successful in your business dealings.

Tips for Business Travel

Numerous conventions and other events are held in Indianapolis throughout the year, so hotel rooms can become scarce. Since events can vary, it is best if you check the schedule and give yourself several months' lead time to book your hotel. Look for hotels a little outside the main event area to avoid crowds and get better rates.

You may also want to consider hiring a private car service if you will be staying for any length of time. Public transportation is available, but a private car will get you exactly where you need to go in much less time, making your trip a little easier.

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