Masters Tournament

Every year, some of the biggest legends in golf come together to compete in The Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia to see who will take home the green jacket. The Masters is one of the biggest golf competitions, and it takes place the first week of April each year.

Taking a chartered jet to The Masters is the perfect way to enjoy the event. You can feel like a celebrity yourself as you sit back and sip champagne in your private cabin. You'll be ready to rub elbows with the starts once you touch down.

Booking Your Flight

The Masters is a huge event, and you will need to book your flight early to make sure you get the itinerary you want.

You can either fly into the Augusta Regional Airport (airport code AGS) or the Daniel Field Airport (airport code DNL). The flight will take about four hours either way, and you'll be able to enjoy comfort and luxury amenities on your chartered flight. Most people will fly into AGS, so you may want to book your flight from Toronto's YYZ to DNL to avoid some of the crowds.

Getting Tickets

Getting tickets to The Masters may be the most challenging part of the trip. Tickets are sold to members of a patrons list, which has been closed since 1978 but reopened from 2000 to 2008. Some of these members will sell their tickets on the secondary market, which is basically the only way to get the tickets, unless you get very lucky.

You can buy tickets for practice sessions more easily, and you can enjoy attending many of the events scheduled around The Masters. You'll just need to be persistent and work whatever connections you have to get the tickets you want.

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