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Chartering a Jet Flight from Toronto to Miami

If you are planning a trip from Toronto’s Lester B. Pearson International Airport (airport code YYZ) to Miami you will almost certainly land in either Miami International Airport (MIA) or Fort Lauderdale’s Hollywood International Airport (airport code FLL). The only other major option is the Miami Seaplane Base (airport code MPB), and most jet charters are not equipped to land there. For those taking a jet charter from YYZ to Miami, here are the essentials you need to know.

The Differences Between MIA and FLL

The biggest advantage that a jet charter from YYZ to MIA offers is the chance to get right into the heart of downtown Miami right off the bat. This is especially useful if you are on a tight schedule or have a specific destination within the city in mind. The downside to MIA is that it tends to be extremely crowded and busy, which can be uncomfortable and even slow you down during very busy travel seasons. By contrast, a jet charter from YYZ to FLL offers a small airport that is a bit outside of the city but which provides better overall amenities and fewer crowds.

Travel Tips for Miami

If you are coming from Toronto and bound for Miami, one of the first things you’ll need to consider is your mode of dress. The flight itself will only take about three hours, but Miami is much hotter and more humid than Toronto. It also receives much more precipitation, so it’s important that you check the weather forecast before your travel. Whether you land in MIA or FLL, the location itself offers a great many options for both business and recreation. If your purpose is business, you should still make sure to allow for plenty of time for sightseeing or other recreation during off hours to make sure that you get as well-rounded an experience as possible.

Typically, a private jet charter from YYZ to Miami will target FLL, which provides less traffic and more flexibility in terms of landings. That isn’t always the case, however, so you have your choice in final destination. If you intend to travel to MIA, it is best to target slower tourism seasons, since this will allow you an easier time in your landing and disembarking.


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