Take a Private Jet Travel to the MTV Movie Awards Like a Star

The Golden Globes and The Academy Awards may be the "serious" awards that the stars covet, but The MTV Movie Awards are the ones that the fans look forward to every year. The award winners are selected by fan vote, and the show has a fun, party-like atmosphere that is fun to watch from home but is even more fun to be a part of in person.

If you want to go to the MTV Movie Awards, you should consider booking a private jet to really get the full experience. If you're going to look like a star and rub elbows with the stars, why not travel like a star, too?

Planning Your Flight

The MTV Movie Awards takes place in Burbank, California, which is right outside Los Angeles. Flying into the Los Angeles International Airport (airport code LAX) may get you more celebrity sightings, but it will also mean dealing with huge crowds and a lot of delays. Instead, you should choose a smaller airport like the Bob Hope Airport (airport code BUR) that will have fewer people and will give you a more relaxed flying experience. Just pretend that you're a celebrity who is trying to avoid the crowds and the paparazzi!

Getting Tickets

Unlike some other award ceremonies, the MTV Movie Awards makes it easy for you to get tickets by selling them on conventional channels like Ticketmaster. However, actually getting the tickets may prove to be difficult since it's a popular event. You'll need to be ready as soon as tickets go on sale.

If you miss out on buying tickets directly, you can look for them on the secondary market. Just be prepared to pay big bucks for what you find! You can also get VIP passes and tickets to special after-parties.

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