The Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars, represent the biggest night in the film industry. This is the best possible place to meet stars from all across the world and to witness film history as the best of the best are chosen in front of the eyes of the world. Such a major event calls for a grand entrance, and there is no better way to arrive on Hollywood’s biggest night than to choose a private chartered jet.

Getting to the Oscars in Style

Considering that Hollywood’s biggest celebrities all gather at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, it would be a shame to show up to such a luxurious event aboard a normal airline. A chartered jet allows you to show up in style and gives you a chance to bypass a lot of the travel inconveniences that strike normal travelers. For example, you won’t need to fight through a crowded luggage area to get your baggage, because your luggage won’t be traveling in a separate flight. This also means there is less of a chance of major mix-ups.

Choosing your Airport

One of the biggest conveniences you will find in your journey aboard a chartered flight is the chance to avoid the busy Los Angeles International Airport (airport code LAX) for a quieter landing spot. While LAX is an excellent airport, the Oscars is such a big event that it gets too crowded. You can avoid these issues entirely by landing in one of the smaller airports near Los Angeles, giving you more time to enjoy the night instead of rushing along.

Chartered jets offer better luxury than a standard flight, more scheduling flexibility, and th chance to control when and how you land. On a night as big as the Oscars, this is all invaluable. To top it all off, it gives you the chance to arrive in the same high style that Hollywood’s stars do.

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