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Chartering a Jet Flight from Toronto to Palm Beach

Forget about the huge crowds along South Beach or the high prices of restaurants there. Head over to West Palm Beach in Florida for a relaxing beach vacation that still offers you lots of recreational activities but without the stressful hustle and bustle.
Besides being a beach town, West Palm Beach also has many historic neighborhoods and communities. You can spend a day strolling through them and learning about historic leaders, early settlers, and the evolution of architectural styles.
Theaters, museums and convention centers offer activities and events throughout the year.
Book your private jet flight from Toronto to West Palm Beach to enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation this year.

Airports in West Palm Beach

The Palm Beach International Airport (code PBI) is the largest airport in West Palm Beach and the one that most people use to visit. The airport is just five miles outside downtown West Palm Beach, so it offers the most convenient access to the main action.

If you prefer to avoid the crowds, you might consider flying into the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (code FLL), which is 51 miles from West Palm Beach.

Since the flight from YYZ to West Palm Beach is about six hours, you aren't likely to want to fly that far outside the city. Taking a private jet will help you cut down on your travel time by eliminating the long boarding process and check-in lines. You can board directly and enjoy plenty of time to stretch out so that you are comfortable the entire six hours of the flight.

Travel Tips to West Palm Beach

Heading to West Palm Beach in the summer may make the most sense, but the temperatures will be at their highest then. Consider going during the spring or fall to take advantage of more temperate weather and save a little on your accommodations. Avoid the winter months when crowds will be at their highest - and so will flight and hotel rates.

Take the West Palm Beach Trolley to get around and visit the most popular attractions. When choosing your dining options, pick restaurants that serve grouper and shrimp, the area's specialty.

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