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Chartering a Jet Flight from Toronto to San Antonio

San Antonio is one of the 10 largest cities in the United States and the second in Texas. It is the home of famous landmarks like The Alamo, a major military base, and a couple of major sports franchises, including the San Antonio Spurs.
Everyone from sports fanatics to foodies will find plenty to do in San Antonio, which also has a warm and inviting climate all year long. By booking a charter jet to San Antonio, you can begin your vacation in luxury and truly relax and enjoy yourself.

Flying into San Antonio

The largest airport in the city is the San Antonio International Airport (airport code SAT), which is just 7 miles from the city center. The smaller Stinson Municipal Airport (airport code SSF) is about 6 miles from the city center and is open to smaller, charter flights.

The USO International Airport is also in town, but it is available for military flights only.

Other nearby airports include the San Marcos Regional Airport (airport code HYI), which is 49 miles away; the Canyon Lake Airport (airport code 34TS), which is 37 miles away; and the San Geronimo Airpark (airport code 8T8), which is 19 miles away.

A flight from Toronto's YYZ to SAT takes about 5-and-a-half hours. Flying a private charter jet will take time off your overall travel by eliminating the long check-in lines and wait times. You'll also have more room onboard to spread out and relax, ensuring that those long hours go by a little faster.

Planning Your San Antonio Trip

Unless you are traveling for business, you'll want to plan your trip over the weekend since that's when hotel rates are lower. Many come to the city for business, sending rates higher during the week.

Plan your itinerary far ahead of time so you can check the dates and hours with the attractions you want to see. Don't wait until you show up to find out that The Alamo is closed or that you have to have special tickets to get into one of the missions.

Go off the beaten trail to find authentic cuisine and Mexican handicrafts.

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