5 Things to Know Before Your First Boeing BBJ Charter

Posted by on 19/12/2016

The Boeing Business Jet series offers clients the chance to arrange for a charter flight whenever the need arises. Before approaching a charter service and booking a flight, it makes sense to learn more about these jets and what they have to offer. Here are five things that clients should know in advance.


More Than One Choice

Currently, there are multiple designs that are in use. This is helpful, since some of the jets will accommodate more people than others. Some of the jets have space for up to 50 people to fly comfortably. This is important when the plan is to fly with a larger group for a longer period of time. With plenty of space and comfortable seating, it’s easier to settle in and enjoy the flight.

Excellent Range

An important characteristic of all the Boeing BBJ charter jets is the travel range they have to offer. Even the smaller jets are capable of traveling 6,200 nautical miles without the need to refuel. The larger jets with more storage space for fuel can travel up to 10,000 nautical miles. That means not having to make a stop along the way for more fuel.

Sleeping Quarters

Having access to a comfortable place to sleep is a must during an overnight flight. There are Boeing private jets that include master bedrooms. That makes it easy to retire, get plenty of rest, and be ready to get right to business the moment that the plane lands.

Keep in mind that many of the seats recline and make excellent places to have a nap or sleep for several hours. There are always plenty of blankets and pillows on hand, so everyone has the chance to settle into a space and relax.

How About a Shower?

Even in a luxury setting, traveling can leave people feeling a little disheveled. Having access to a shower makes it easier to freshen up before the jet lands. Many people like the idea of traveling in comfortable clothing, then showering and changing into business attire shortly before the jet arrives at the destination. This is particularly helpful when there will be the need to go straight from the airport to an important meeting.

Room for Meetings

Perhaps the plan is to hold a meeting or plan a conference while the jet is en route. Several designs include a conference room that can be used for any type of group meeting. The nice thing is that passengers who don’t need to be involved in the meeting can remain in their seats, watch television or do whatever they like while the rest are having their meetings.

An agent can help the client find the ideal bizjet for a specific trip. Depending on how many people will be in the party and the intended destination, one of the Boeing charter jets is likely to be a better fit than the others. With a little time and planning, transportation to and from the destination will be comfortable, easy, and save a lot of time.