Exploring The Safety Factors In Private Jet Charter

Posted by on 26/03/2015

If you are contemplating leasing a private jet for your next corporate road show, then you likely to have a set of questions to ask the operator about their safety. For example, are private jet charter pilots as experienced as their commercial counterparts? Are private jets as strongly controlled by the FAA as the public varieties? As a matter of fact, you will be amazed to discover that the safety and security factors of private jet charters by far surpass those set for commercial flights in a number of ways. Which ways, you may ask. Well, read on to find out.

Private jet pilots undergo a thorough training like their commercial airplane countertops

Pilots of private jet charters like their commercial counterparts must:

•    Be citizens of their own country

•    Get a medical credential from a Federal Aviation Association (FAA) examiner

•    Have no criminal or police records

•    Have a university degree with relevant specialization to be employed by an air charter company

•    Meet minimum pilot training levels  as well as flight hour requirements

At the minimum, forty to sixty flight school and flying hours must be met so as to receive a private pilot’s license. Apart from this, a Federal Aviation Association’s instrument ranking is also required. To gain this rating, an extra fifty hours of training as a Pilot in Command time are required. Another additional forty hours of simulator or actual flight training is required. If the private pilot wishes to be allowed to fly other people, he is required to acquire a commercial pilot’s certificate or license through the Federal Aviation Association.

More training is required so as to be allowed to fly a private jet with passengers on board. Apart from all the piloting requirements that need to be shared with their commercial counterparts, pilots of private jet charters also are required to get an ATL. To earn this credential, the pilot must go through a higher level of Federal Aviation Association instructions and testing While at it, at least 1 500 flight time hours must be attained to qualify as a private jet pilot. Considering that the normal flying time for pilots is restricted to 1000 hours per year by the Federal Aviation Association, this is quite impressive. In simple terms, no person is allowed to fly a private jet charter without first going through the relevant training and experience through the years.

Just like commercial pilots, private jet charter pilots also are strictly regulated by the FAA

The Federal Aviation Association is charged with the duty of regulating aviation the country over. This includes private jet charters and commercial flights. In this regard, commercial airplanes as well private ones need to run under a number of set regulations. Though jet charters are also governed by the same regulations as commercial airplanes, they are required to meet the terms of section 135 under Federal Aviation Regulation codes.

This part of the regulations is specifically written for private jet charters with under thirty seats and a payload of less than 7, 600 lbs. The regulations in this section are complicated, detailed and specific. The truth of the matter is that there are some cases where section 135, under Title 14 of the Federal Aviation Regulations is stricter than part 125 that governs commercial airplanes. 

All private jet charter agencies are required to go through thorough safety inspections that are regularly carried out by the FAA and authorized outside inspectors. The final inspection scores comprise of several factors that range from pilot training, aircraft maintenance, flying and protocol procedures, pilot flying know-how and many more.

Prior to and after any flight, private jets have to undergo a set of systematic and rigorous checklists that assures of its safety and mechanical soundness. This is a must do inspection for all private aircrafts as unexpected inspections by FAA are the norm. These inspections consist of anything from mechanical maintenance tests to checking operation records.

Private jet charters are a secure option to fly

As a result of the stricter Federal Aviation Regulations and improved piloting experience, private jet flights have never been this safe. Considering also that a client flies with known people, he is able to fully relax in comfort that only a top-notch private jet charter service provider can offer. Better still, your security is assured when you are flown by a reputable and reliable charter service.

Apart from the safety bit, it should also be remembered that time is money, meaning that there is a need to settle for a charter service that offers a productivity-driven flight. This is needed in order to increase the client’s exposure to the ever changing business road show and conferences trip requirements throughout the world.

After all, you need an aircraft that comes equipped with technologies such as internet so that you are able to work throughout the flight. And because top-notch private jet charter service providers own diverse fleet of aircrafts, all your flight requirements are perfectly met. Diversity in the available aircrafts allows the clients to meet with any number of vendors spread across different cities without the stress and time constraints that are associated with commercial aviation.